Welcome to Carolina Custom Calls. Started in 2011 in a small garage in Lexington, SC Carolina Custom Calls strives to build high quality turkey pot calls out of the finest exotic and domestic woods available.  We build calls that not only look good, but more importantly sound good.  While these calls will look great sitting on a shelf they are made to be hunted. Each call and striker are built one at a time by hand.   Evey call that I make is unique and one of a kind.  No duplicators or CNC machines used here.  If you have a specific type of wood in mind for the pot or striker feel free to contact me  and I will do everything I can to meet your need.  Every call I make is 100% gauranteed.  If you are not absolutely satisfied the call will be replaced or you will get 100% of your money back.  Thanks for visiting and hope to talk to you soon.
Carolina Custom Calls

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